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Our Purpose:

We hope that you will take your time looking at each piece in our collection.  The purpose of this site is to

Exhibit the different shapes and sizes of Moldavite.  We want to share with the rest of the world what

Specimens exist,  so to help them compare what is out there available,  while they research other sites for Moldavite.


About us:

We are a husband and wife team married since 1977 that have a passion for collecting: “Moldavite”, Crystals, Amethyst, Libyan Glass and other rare finds.

Here we share our collection with you.  If you love a piece as much as we do,  please inquire and we will

be glad to respond.  We have a deep connection with every piece and we consider ourselves custodians.  We

will only sell these pieces to someone that shares similar interests for these pieces.  We want to

make sure each piece goes to a good home.


My Story:

My name is Gilbert Alajarin and I live in Las Vegas Nevada.

I have been involved in deep meditation since 1992.  Having been a recovering addict and alcoholic since May 15th

1983 I discovered Meditation out of a desperate need to stay sane and sober.

I was introduced to Scientology by a friend in 1989 and started a process of self-examining a process called

“Auditing” to understand and free oneself from the bondage of the “Reactive Mind”.

This new discovery gave me the tools to further my inward journey and shortly after I discovered meditation.


In 1995 I labeled my type of meditation the “Process of Undoing”  and/or a “De-Programming of the Mind”


I believe our Intellectual Mind “IQ” was a beautiful invention, a tool to help us interact with the physical world.  But over time and through constant external programming, our IQ became AIQ, Artificial Intellectual Quotient.

(The Ego the False Center)


Because of our programming first by “Mother” and then “Others” we lost our freedom of choice and self-will.

We started doing and behaving based on what others said and expected from us. (people and society pleasing)

We entered the world of the outside where everything we see is a reflection of our programming.  It seemed I could never do what I really wanted to do.  I was affected, reacting to people, places & things.

(a pin ball in a pin ball machine)


My Journey is a “Return to Innocence”, something I lost very early in childhood.  I entered a Spiritual Journey

that is to this date a fascinating Journey of realizing the “Truth”.

This is on-going and as I peel the layers of programming, yesterday’s truths become today’s lies.

The never ending story!   Like they say it’s the Journey not the Destination.


Welcome to my “Journey to Enlightenment”.


For the past 30 years I have been observing my “EQ” Spiritual Intellectual Quotient and “AIQ” Artificial Intellectual Quotient engaged in an endless tug of war.  An endless battle between two worlds.  The world of the outside and the world of the Inside.  A seemingly endless process of de-programming the mind.


I never felt the power of minerals, but my wife Kathy has, since early childhood. So out of respect of her and others, we ventured into a mineral store in Las Vegas in October of 2018.  I was not feeling anything but she was in tears.


One month later I was introduced to a raw piece of Moldavite around 40 grams. I thought it was just an ugly piece of rock that was selling for way too much money.  About $1,800.00 at the time.

I thought to myself these people must be crazy.  I walked away.

That same night I kept on waking up and all I could think of was that piece of Moldavite.   It was calling me.

I became obsessed and had to go back to the store the next day. I was afraid someone else would have bought it.


I took it home and for the first time held it up in the sunlight.  I felt dizzy and developed a terrible headache.

I had to lay down and sleep it off it was so bad. 

It took me several days to get used to it and develop my own relationship as I incorporated this piece of Moldavite

In my daily meditation.  The results were mind blowing.  I became more sensitive and for the first time in my life I shed tears when sharing with people about my experiences with this priceless stone.  I came to realize that

Moldavite had stripped a part of my Ego that did not allow me to show my emotions.

“A gift from the Gods to help us with our Spiritual Journey.  An “Ego Buster”. I say!


The rest is history. My meditation has improved, and my ability to peel the layers as grown exponentially. Quick!


I and many others in the Spiritual Community believe Moldavite expedite your destiny. 

In less then one year we have met most major exporters of Moldavite in the world, and amassed a collection

that in my opinion,  is the largest online collection in the world. 


In January of 2019 my wife and I went to the Mineral Show in Tucson AZ a life long wish for my wife.

There we met the major exporters and importers of Moldavite from the Czech Republic and the U.S. 

In September of 2019 we traveled to the Mineral Show in Denver Colorado and revisited the same people.

We have done extensive research, watched dozens of you tube videos, Ancient Aliens episode on Moldavite,

Talked to Robert Simmons (,,, T.W.Designs, and countless others and they all confirm the rarity of Moldavite and that Pieces over 40 grams are extremely rare.


Watch: Ancient Aliens Mysterious Relics Season 6 Episode 8 available on YouTube or



I encourage you to visit their website and especially Mike from who has posted several YouTube Videos and some on how to detect fake Moldavite.  Also, look up YouTube Videos from Robert Simmons

who has written a number of books and has had his first experience with Moldavite in 1986 which changed his life.

Remember that the main deposits of Moldavite are found in South Bohemia and in Southwest Moravia in the Czech Republic.  A few pieces were also found in the south of Poland and the town of Horn in Austria, but those found are believed to have been brought there by humans.

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